And how well they worked out
  1. Limiting my coffee to one a day
    I don't even know why I thought I could do this. Honestly, during the summer I am fine with one cup a day. But during the school year? No. I purposely left my K cups at home to ensure I would stop at one. I ended up offering to pay a co-teacher a dollar for one of hers!
  2. Not telling someone when I felt they were being stupid
    Yes. This is a vice for me. I voice my opinion. Frequently. Without anyone asking me to. And most of the time, it's fruitless.
  3. Buying a new pair of sun glasses or a scarf
    I do this too much. And they're not like, designer. But still. I don't actually need any more of these. Yet I sure did buy some new ones...and they made me feel super cool.
  4. Buy some more wine
    It's not like my recycling cans are overflowing. I don't even go through a bottle a week or anything. But I enjoy trying new wines so when I am at the market I end up buying a new one.
  5. Letting my neighbor know
    In my oh-so-subtle way, that he is annoying me with his tiny shorts. And that he should stop blaring his country music in the backyard. And that he should stop mowing his lawn at eight am on a Saturday.
  6. Listing
    I think I listed every day this week. I can't help it. I'm obsessed. At some point it's going to end. How long can I possibly keep going on like this? I'm game for finding out if you are!