List requests are the best, especially when they're unique.
  1. Name:
    Karla Lucia Griensen
  2. Goes by:
    Karla, students call me miss G or just miss, my kids just call me mother or mom
  3. Birth/height/weight:
    1-18-do I have to say the year?? Let's just say Prince released his third album, and one of the Star Wars movies was released! height:5"2, or to honor my requester 1.57 meters and weight is 58.97 kilograms and I won't translate that because you have to work for it!
  4. Loves:
    Writing. Books, movies, music and theatre. Coffee, cooking-Trying new foods, cold weather and seasons, the ocean soothes me but so does snow and the rain and falling leaves. Mountains. Love mountains.
  5. Hates:
    The Ace Ventura Movies, not a fan of country but can't really use the word hate. Really hate when non talented people get tv shows for no reason. I hate racism and sexism and bigotry and anything that poses a danger to the rights of being human.
  6. Will admit:
    To listening to trendy music and enjoying it, to having an immense obsession with movies or documentaries that depict the dark side of ballet, to watching more tv than I should, to drinking too much wine and having a huge crush on Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis
  7. Is curious about:
    People who are talented musicians, athletes and their motivation, people who live in small towns and are genuinely happy to do so, people who don't like to travel or try new things
  8. In the near future will:
    Actively pursue publishing my novel, make the transition to teaching at collegiate level and hopefully move to NYC unless another city wins my heart instead
  9. Really wants to:
    Publish my novel, move to NYC, see my kids lead happy, successful lives, cherish my friends and maintain the bonds I've worked hard to preserve- make Juan Carlo smile with this list