It's what we do
  1. We volunteered today
    It's what we do once a month throughout the year. From here until January it's a weekly thing. We always do it together. My children and I. My friends and I. My loved ones and I. We smile and laugh and have a great time. But not today.
  2. Today we moved slowly
    Our greetings were warm, our hugs were tight. Our tones were full of concern for one another.
  3. Today we talked softly
    No cheerful greetings. No excited voices as we see one another for the first time in a while.
  4. Today we shared stories
    Of what we have felt. Of what we still feel. Of what we fear.
  5. Today we looked at the faces
    Of the survivors of sexual assault. Of the women we were there to help. And we teared up at the thought of what they have been publicly forced to accept. Of the attacks we might soon all be facing. At the stories of hate we have already heard.
  6. Today we continued to fight for change
    It's what we do. It's what we've been doing. It's what we will continue to do. It's what we must do.