Warning signs you should never ignore

  1. When someone latches on to you too quickly
    Don't walk away, run away. And hide.
  2. When their "pet names" for you are not kind
    This person is not a nice person. Trust me.
  3. When they pretend to be one way in public
    But you know a totally hidden side of them- know that they are two faced and run!!!
  4. When they constantly compliment you
    But immediately make you feel bad for taking the compliment- just stop all contact
  5. When they offer to talk to a boy for you
    And then you find out they have been talking to that boy privately behind your back. And not about you- punch them and then never talk to them again
  6. When they constantly put themselves down
    To a toxic level- just change your identity and go into hiding
  7. When they are upset that someone who they constantly cheat on might maybe possibly cheat on them
    And you don't even know what to say to that-just walk away quickly
  8. When they think every guy is in love with them and every girl is jealous of them
    What are you still doing here? Run!!!
  9. When they are always, always the victim
    Seriously don't even think twice. Move away, hide, block everyone you don't trust on social media.
  10. When someone is so slavish they copy your every move
    And they seem upset at any good things that happen in your life. It's time to start telling people who they really are. And if they keep trying to usurp every good day in your life you need to fight back.
  11. If they are really "freaked out" by gay people
    And you yourself are a member of the HRC and want to see equality in this world...they are just not someone you can be friends with
  12. It's best to get out of there before you crack. Like Gretchen weiners
    Gretchen weiners cracked. Sorry I had to say crack again.