Ways being a teacher is a little bit like hunger games

  1. You volunteered as tribute
    No one forced you to do this job, but you did it for the Prims of the world
  2. You have little time for romance
    And no matter how adorable the Petah or Gale in your life might be, you find yourself sketching out lesson plans even when he cooks you a candlelight dinner. Also, you might need to call it an early night. (You're a teacher and you're tired!) And you might not be the best at recognizing a romantic gesture. (What can you say? You're tired!)
  3. Just when you think you've figured it out
    There's a new twist or curve being thrown your way. You very much feel like you're doing all you can just to make it through each day
  4. You have to be very creative to get the required attention
    And you are not ashamed to come up with as many gimmicks as it takes
  5. You are so exhausted but feel like you never quite get enough rest
    Even when you're sleeping you might find that you wake up in a panic, convinced you forgot to turn in your grades or email that one parent back...
  6. You are always dehydrated
    As a result of not getting to take bathroom breaks whenever you want
  7. There is a clock with a fresh set of challenges every hour
    Or every forty five min, however your school might be set up
  8. You have to plaster on a smile
    No matter what
  9. Sometimes it feels like you're fighting the administration
    Not always. But sometimes.
  10. You have to be tough
    Even when you're being nurturing. You have to be feared as well as loved and respected.
  11. You're convinced that if you do your job right
    You could just be leading the resistance. Or at least you hope.
  12. You learn just as much
    From the students as they do from you. Sometimes it feels like they teach you more.
  13. Even when you're on break you're not really "on break"
    It's the kind of job that is a passion, not a job. So you might be working on lessons despite saying you won't. You might be finding books you want to talk to them about, you might be resting and hanging out with your friends but still always thinking about the students
  14. You appreciate the breaks though
    Because they'll give you the energy you need to take on whatever you walk back into once spring break is over. And you'll do it with as much sass as you need to.