Ways following beautiful, artistic people on IG is bringing me down

  1. I mean today I posted this:
    I'm so proud of my "clever" pic and my little "witty" caption. And then...
  2. I see this...
    I mean...with a phone? He took that picture with a phone??
  3. I took this selfie
    And was like, oh, that's a good pic I should make that my profile pic
  4. Then I saw this
    And pretty much any picture @shanaz posts that looks like she should model
  5. I post this
    Thinking it's the cutest pic ever
  6. And then I see this
    Okay I'll be honest, I love my pup so I still think his pic is adorable. But really, if you're not following Neal on Instagram, you're doing Instagram completely wrong
  7. They really are the cutest 💙💙💙