Ways I am like Hiligh (Haley)

  1. I have a history for falling for the artists
    I admire their genius, I ignored the red flags and went along with their crazy behavior
  2. I am prone to mocking my boss and being busted
    It might have happened more than once
  3. When I'm in love I am nurturing
    And I will go along with any crazy adventure
  4. My romantic history is far from perfect
    Full of choices that make people say "what the hell were you thinking?"
  5. I get carried away by my passion.
    Even if we are at a relatives house
  6. I will fight for my art
    It might mean I get little sleep because I stay up late writing or get up early and work all day. But I'm going to keep on doing it
  7. I will comfort the people I care about
    Even if there's nothing I can do