And isn't being weird why I belong on list?
  1. I love doing laundry
    I really, really do. To the point that I do a load every day. I say it's because I don't want it to pile up, but really I love the way it's all hot and fresh. I love the sound of the washing machine. I love folding the clothes, hanging them. Love how doing laundry makes my whole house feel clean.
  2. I love cooking
    I mean, I really, really love cooking. If there is an event I can cook for, I am all in. Thanksgiving, Christmas, bday parties. Come over for dinner. Want to watch the game here? I'll cook! What, you got a new car? Come over and show it to me, I'll cook!
  3. I prefer movies
    To tv shows. Sure I watch tv, I'm not as big of a freak as I used to be. But I love movies. I love the plot lines, I love the long, detailed wording. I love the way the story unfolds to the perfect soundtrack.
  4. I like being alone
    Of course I love my friends and family. But maybe because I'm the middle child who didn't share her siblings interests, I got used to reading alone, going for long walks, even having dinner out alone. It doesn't bother me even a little. Also if you go to the movies alone you get ALL the popcorn
  5. I enjoy volunteering
    It isn't something I have to do, it isn't something I dread. I enjoy helping out those who need it, there is such a reward derived from knowing I spent the day making a difference in the world.
  6. I'm more comfortable in heels
    I know, it's beyond bizarre. But I'm short, so height. And also, I tend to trip in sandals or flip flops and my feet are so oddly heavy so sneakers weigh them down even more!
  7. I like wearing a bra
    Won't go into why but I just do.
  8. I'd rather not google it
    If I'm in a rush, sure. But I still prefer to lay out the map and figure out my route. Also, I would much rather let my brain naturally remember where I know that actor from than hop onto IMBD
  9. I prefer books, magazines, newspapers
    Instant gratification is great. And I am all about the environment. But seriously, nothing beats the feel of a book or the magazine or newspaper.
  10. I admit my flaws
    And I'm aware they need to be changed. But I have no shame in knowing these things are there. I just work on them and hope to conquer them soon.