Ways I've reacted to break ups

  1. By playing our relationship over and over in my mind
    And probably to everyone who would listen
  2. By obsessing over everything we had in common
    And being very upset about anything that ended up not being what I thought it was
  3. By doing irrational things
    Maybe not breaking dishes but pretty close
  4. By trying to make a friendship work
    Listen I'm not saying you can never be friends with an ex. I'm just saying that it can't happen when it was a really bad break up and when one person still doesn't know why the break up happened to begin with
  5. By wallowing
    It's healthy to some extent
  6. By making out with them
    When I really shouldn't
  7. By screaming
    A lot
  8. By avoiding my ex
    Once you figure out you can't be friends and you'll end up making out with them if you are vulnerable when you see them, avoid avoid avoid...
  9. By wallowing some more
    And not caring what I look like in public
  10. By facing what I needed to face
    And making changes about my job, my life in general
  11. And after a long time of healing
    By truly putting myself out there again. And moving on