And ways he won it back
  1. Broke it: He left during sookie's dinner
    I mean, how can you possibly leave when someone cooks for you? The rudeness of that made me so upset!
  2. Won it: he annotated HOWL
    It's howl, you guys! A work of literature that got the author into court.
  3. Broke it: He was rude to Luke
  4. Won it: His shirt got all wet
    I mean...seriously...
  5. Broke it: crashed Rory's car and skipped town
    Okay I understood why he did it. But still. Jess! How could you just leave?
  6. Won it: came back
    How great was this scene??
  7. Broke it: Didn't fight for Rory
    I mean, I get she was kind of awful after that beautiful kiss but she was scared. Come on Jess! And making out with that blonde girl...I can't even remember her name
  8. Won it: he was a GOOD boyfriend
    Say what you will about Jess. But he GOT Rory. They discussed books, listened to music, engaged in lively conversations...he didn't try to control her or keep yelling at her (I really hated Dean!)
  9. Broke it: He left again. Without saying goodbye again.
    Okay I know he got his own tv show (again!) and so they needed him to make a quick exit (again!) but So much sadness. I'm still not over it!
  10. Won it: He came back. And I had hope every time.
    I can't help it, I loved him. And even when it was random, it always made sense to me. And he called her out when she needed it, never forgot her bday...So he still has my heart.