Thanks for the list request!
  1. Be lazy when you want to be
    Exercise is great. Please don't get me wrong. I drag myself to the gym more than I want to. But being able to just allow yourself to have those nights when you go home, get in P.J.'s early and go to bed without doing's good for the soul
  2. Be friends with people who make you laugh
    Just thinking of them makes you happy. People who truly make you smile. People who fill their life and yours with absolute magic.
  3. Eat things that make you feel good
    Before and after you eat it, which is the real trick. I've learned the hard way that in order to truly feel happy after eating my favorite foods, I have to exercise portion control.
  4. Make time for yourself
    As a mom, I don't know how many times I heard other moms say they had "no time for themselves". I understand completely how easy it is to allow this to happen. But after post Partum depression I learned that how to make myself a priority. I started out by doing something I loved for fifteen minutes a day. By the time my daughter was six, this had extended to an hour of me time daily and at least a weekly outing with my friends. I still do this. Along with an occasional "me" trip
  5. Fill your days with the things that matter
    It sounds so cliche, I know. If you will allow me that cliche, I will explain. At the end of each night, there is nothing worse than feeling like your day was spent on things that didn't make you feel good. If this means skipping meetings, changing relationships or even limiting after school activities then, so be it.
  6. Stop worrying about your weight/size
    Focus on being healthy. Emotionally, physically and mentally healthy and strong. If you get to a healthy weight that you're proud of in the process, great! But even if you don't weigh what you want or look how you want to, cherish your health. It's the greatest gift.
  7. Most importantly, be kind to you
    It's important to be kind to others. But have you ever thought about how easy it is to make others feel better about their flaws, shortcomings or failures than it is to allow ourselves the same courtesy? Even if you don't do a single healthy thing, even if you're still in the process of finding the way to live your most healthy life—-remember that this is your path and no one is experiencing life exactly as you are.