Not that I believe in that stuff...
  1. So I've been in more than my share of weddings
    And I believe there's a curse on me. Out of all the weddings I've been in, I only still maintain a close relationship with one of the brides. And that one is strained.
  2. There's different reasons, of course
    Some moved away. Some got divorced and I was in the wedding because I was closer to the groom and then things got awkward. Some married men I wasn't close to and then after the wedding it got awkward. A few fell into the Noah's ark of married couples, so they only spend time with other married couples that they probably play charades with.
  3. But as the date to another wedding I'm in nears...
    I start to fear that the curse will once again happen. I love this woman so much, she's probably one of my best friends. So I feel like, whatever this curse is, I have to try and break it.
  4. But what is it about weddings?
    How can you be invited to be part of something so special in someone's life and then not keep in touch with them after? For a long time I was the married one in all the wedding parties (except the soon to be bride of course)
  5. And then I became the single one
    Because I did life backwards. So is this why? Are life circumstances the only thing that truly tie people together? Shouldn't life be about variety? Why would anyone only want people in their life that lead the exact same life they do?
  6. I guess all I can do is hope this will be different!
    I adore the man she's marrying. She and I have been long distance friends for a while now. And neither of us have ever been in the same life circumstances at the same time. So maybe we have already defeated all the possible wedding curses! I guess at the very least, the wedding should be tons of fun...