1. Twenty years ago I was told I would never be a mom
    I had always, always wanted to have children. I worked as a nanny through high school and college. I got my minor in childhood and development. The news was a huge blow for me.
  2. Sometimes I think it's why I became a teacher
    It was like if I couldn't have a lot of children I could at least spend time with them every day? I worked pre-k my first two years of teaching and loved it
  3. After almost a year of trying and when we had started researching alternative options, I was pregnant
    It was probably the single, most defining moment in my life. I had wanted it so much and now it was happening.
  4. I'm not going to say it was easy
    I was sick non stop for nine months. The challenges my body had made it and extremely difficult pregnancy. The people at the hospital knew me by name. I weighed only 130 pounds at nine months pregnant because I could keep nothing down. I was hospitalized constantly
  5. It is ironic
    While I risked my life to have them, having them also saved my life. My daughter's birth forced me to take my therapy seriously and my sons birth helped me realize I had some serious life changes I needed to make
  6. I was scared the whole time
    I never once took it for granted and feel like I held my breath until the min she was born and first locked eyes with me
  7. My daughter made me earn being a mom
    She is strong willed and thinks her way is best and I love that about her and she will rule her own world one day and never let anyone tell her what to do but, yeah. I had to EARN it! And it made being a first time mom so hard. Those first two years were so crazy.
  8. I never thought it would happen again
    It took four years for me to be pregnant a second time. And this pregnancy was just as hard. The blood transfusions I had to receive, I have lost count of.
  9. My son just handed it to me
    He was laid back, did as I asked. To this day this kid just trusts me when I tell him to do something, even if it's something he doesn't understand or want to do.
  10. They're both my miracles
    I'm not going to say it's always easy or that I don't have days when I'm less than patient with them or they are less than well behaved. But I'm so grateful every day that I have them.