What I do When I'm sick

A whiny girls guide to survival
  1. Watch The Princess Bride
    It's a movie I watch a lot through the year. But especially when I'm sick. And especially days like today when I feel mostly dead!
  2. Drink my weight in tea
    Most of the time I am able to make it for myself. I might whine but I don't actually want pity. Today, I might actually have strep because I actually can't even move without pain. So my loves are having to take care of me.
  3. Only eat soup and popsicles
    Especially when whatever I have has my throat feeling like it is on fire. Luckily my kids know how to use a crockpot, so they are busy making my favorite soup right now. Kind of makes me feel like royalty
  4. Bundle up with blankets
    Keep the remotes, books and pillows all around me. Basically camp out in my room so I don't get anyone sick but I'm still armed with all the necessary tools to fight this.
  5. Whine to anyone who will listen
    Like my gang of misfits, of course. And as always, my sweet friends who are always by my side and ready to send soup. All in all I am completely taken care of.