1. Be there
    To listen, to cook, to clean, to entertain the kids (should there be kids) to go to the funeral if at all possible
  2. Be patient
    Maybe they don't feel like talking, maybe they aren't responding to texts. Maybe they are your best friend in the world and you just want to be able to hold their hand through it all. But just be patient. It's all you can do.
  3. Be empathic
    Maybe their relationship with their parent was complicated. Maybe their parent was their best friend. Maybe their parent was older and sick and it was expected. Regardless, this time is hard for your friend when they lose a parent. And your role is to be as empathic as possible.
  4. Be consistent & keep checking in
    People tend to stop calling and fade away after the funeral is over. It's already a really isolating experience to lose a parent, so keep following up and checking in even 4 months later. Grief changes. I have a friend that has called every year for 11 years on the anniversary of my dad's death just to check on me, and it never ceases to warm my heart.
    Suggested by @taylormorley