When September ends

  1. It's my daughter's first cross country meet today
    For the second year in a row and second time ever, I won't be there. I'm feeling sad and scared and she seemed so nervous this morning. I don't know how she has the courage and determination to do what she does
  2. My bf is gone for two more weeks
    Pretty sure I'm going to die
  3. I am missing some friends I had to break up with
    I almost broke down and texted them yesterday
  4. I feel like not one moment of my life is private right now
    Okay maybe not to this extent. But I did get caught signing yesterday (the worse thing ever!)
  5. I have been running my mouth way too much
    And I was being way to sarcastic in front of ninety parents last night
  6. It's my son's thirteenth bday on Saturday
    And I haven't even began to prepare. He's "too old for parties" so there isn't anything big to prepare but my son is turning thirteen and I need to celebrate it probably
  7. I really need to lose weight
    Hamburgers every day are probably a bad idea (this gif doesn't work here but I really enjoy it)
  8. I feel so socially awkward around my new co workers
    I just know they all think I'm a freak
  9. I have been singing to Miley way too much these days
    And yes, that's what I was signing to when I got busted. By my principal
  10. I feel like my list of people I'm not talking to is growing to an exponential degree
    And it suuuuuuucks
  11. No, YOU'RE tearing up right now!
    I am crying at everything these days
  12. So many of my li.st people are leaving li.st
    Don't forget about me on your journey outside this little app, okay? I'm glad I at least still have my awesome nerds on other social media sites. Love you all!