1. You make flash cards for months
    And study. And study some more. She's so stressed out that you stay home and help her study most nights. No fun Friday nights in a long time
  2. She puts so much pressure on herself for months
    It's insane how you always avoided making a big deal about grades so she wouldn't grow up pressured like you did. But somehow she puts that pressure on herself
  3. She studies everywhere you go
    Restaurants, road trips, through dinner. Through getting ready for school...And you have gone through a lot of pencils this year
  4. You've had to let go of your OCD
    She has study guides, books and notebooks and notecards more book bags and then more books. So her stuff has been everywhere for months. You managed to make her a "study" room where it's all supposed to go. But all the study stuff has taken over your kitchen table
  5. There's been a few mental breakdowns
    Probably more than anyone can imagine
  6. It's been a rough road
    You've both used the word suck so much it has lost all meaning
  7. But hopefully it will all be worth it for her
    No matter what happens I am immeasurably proud of her. And this weekend you plan on having enough fun with her to make up for the whole year. You've both hit a point of delirium that should make anything seem thrilling