1. Rachel
    Everything is always about her. And who doesn't invite their oldest friend to their wedding but then has the nerve to show up and ask to live with her?
  2. Monica
    There are oh so many reasons why Monica and I would get along great. But I can't stand when people are competitive or bossy and something tells me her control issues would extend to things beyond having to win everything
  3. Ross
    So annoying, immature and completely unable to take responsibility for anything. Sleeping with someone the same night you and the love of your life decide to take a break isn't cool. Pretending like it's no big deal (after you spend all morning trying to keep her from finding out) is the worst
  4. Joey
    Okay so besides his womanizing and his disgusting habits he's a total sweetheart. But what the heck would we even talk about?
  5. Chandler
    He's hilarious for sure. But could he be serious, like ever? Okay he and I could possibly be pretty good friends. But I think I would have punched him when he was too much of a wuss to dump Janice
  6. Phoebe
    She is a bit too spacey for me, but I think we would get along.
  7. Gunther
    Have some self respect man.
  8. Janice
    I can't handle it. And also, why would you get back together with this guy when he keeps dumping you? Also, dating Ross???