When I was eleven
  1. Because there was such a thing as voter intimidation
    People would stand outside the polls and tell you who you should vote for. They had your ballot filled out. If you wanted their free groceries , all you had to do was sign your name. In a country where the poverty level is high and most families are struggling to put food on the table, free groceries are hard to walk away from.
  2. Because we lived in a culture
    Where sexual assault was dismissed with words like "mistakes" or "typical boy behavior"
  3. Because we lived in a culture
    Where a mans actions or infidelities were blamed on the woman.
  4. Because religion was considered
    A tool that could be used to support things like rape. Things like ignorance. Things like hate.
  5. Because when my mom spoke out
    Her life was often threatened. Because if a reporter told the truth about what was going on, he would likely go missing.
  6. Because women weren't payed equal wages
  7. Because women were demeaned
  8. Because we were told only the criminals wanted to move to America
  9. These are all things I never thought
    Would even remotely be allowed in this country. Especially not by a person running for office. Americans will never allow a man like that to be elected, I said. The American people stand up for what's right...I still believe that. I hope I'm right.