Both literally and Figuratively
  1. I won the literal teacher raffle today
    So I am now the proud owner of a brand new shirt. The funny thing is, just this morning I was looking in my closet thinking I needed to purchase a new school shirt so I don't keep wearing the same three over and over
  2. I also won this ITunes card!!!
    And it is so exciting because the Hamilton Mix Cd comes out on the 2nd and I can use this card to download it!!!
  3. I also have first and second period off today
    We are on a different schedule for assemblies today and I ended up with no students those first two periods. I have a million papers to grade so this is a huge plus!!
  4. I also got a Starbucks drink from a sweet kiddo today
    I took the picture after I drank some of it—-but hey! It is going to get me through this morning!
  5. I also got this hysterical and awesome note
    I love it so much I won't even edit the "your"
  6. And this
    What can I say? My kids pay attention to what I pack in my lunch!
  7. And this
    I told my students that I own most of the Pulitzer Prize winning novels and we entered into a discussion about which ones I didn't own. Had no idea I would be receiving it!
  8. And how amazing is this?
    I mentioned to my kids that I keep all the notes my students write me over the years. Which means I have a lot of boxes. I label each one according to what I feel I've learned and received from each group. This years kiddos asked me what I've learned from them and I said they've taught me so much about love. So today I was given this...
  9. Tonight is my daughter's cross country banquet
    And I'm amazed by this young lady and all the hard work she's put in. This morning her brother sat her down and told her why he's proud of her season. They don't know I took this picture, I like to sneak candid shots of them! I feel like I have all the riches in the world with the way my kids love and support each other.