Wise words from my Tea

  1. I spent the day at home
    Watching movies and drinking tea so much that the tea started speaking to me.
  2. I'm not delusional right,
    You guys hear the tea too, don't you?
  3. The tea told me not to worry if you think I'm delusional
    I have to look to myself for support guys
  4. Shh...the tea is talking
    If you love your tea, you give your tea your attention when it speaks
  5. The tea gives career advice
    And the tea is never wrong
  6. The tea believes in me
    Okay guys I'm gonna go spend more time with my tea now. Also I should probably wash my cups. Something tells me I've used them all.
  7. I feel full of love today
    As I watch Mozart in the jungle (a show I love) with someone I love. As I'm being "encouraged" to stay in (because I might be sick🙄) and woke up to the news that my brothers are installing my hardwood floors in for me as I type this so I can rest. So the tea knows all.