That tend to happen when your novel is ten years in the making
  1. People who were once in your novel and now need to be removed
    This is perhaps the toughest one. People that affected you, that were part of your story. And now the ending of their story is so different than what you thought it would be
  2. Sharing intimate details about your family
    It's every writers biggest flaw, also your biggest gift. The things your family goes through, it's your story too. It had an impact on you. But you just know your mom is going to be furious when she reads that you wrote about that time...
  3. Getting your thoughts down before they disappear
    You never know when inspiration will strike. I have to write the thoughts down immediately, which makes me very rude when I cut my friends off to scribble something down on a napkin, my notes in my phone, my arm...
  4. Finding that thought you wrote down before it disappeared
    Word of advice, arms are not reliable places to write down one's thoughts
  5. Being interrupted in the middle of working
    I put my phone on do not disturb, I wear ear buds to drown out all noise. But still it never fails just when I feel like I'm hitting a really good point I find myself interrupted.
  6. Asking for input, but not letting your feelings get hurt
    You want honest feedback but...come on, you're an artist. Artists are sensitive and in truth, you want your friends to love every last word...
  7. Writing for you
    This goes with the last one. Staying true to yourself. Writing what you feel. Write to express, not to impress. And if you find yourself not writing for that reason, well, in my opinion—-you shouldn't be writing.
  8. How do you add a character for all the amazing people you've recently met on