You sing a sad song just to turn it around
  1. Sometimes when my days are "bad"
    I try to remember those days in my life that were truly bad. Not tragic. But just really really bad.
  2. The day I cracked my head open
    At work. It was snowing. I was teaching pre-k and thought the snow might only last seconds so I was opening the blinds so the kids could see. I'm sure those kids are traumatized from seeing the blood that ensued. (Head wounds bleed a lot) I hid the severity of it and finished the day. Of course it snowed heavily for hours. Drove myself to the ER and my ex-husband(who I was married to at the time) didn't bother to so much as meet me there
  3. The day most of my friends were let go of
    Under the budget cuts, they did a 1-3 across the district cut. Any teacher who'd been working less than three years was let go of. We lost many good teachers that day.
  4. The day my car got broken into
    Also the day I had lost a credit card earlier that day and the day my friends husband made a pass at me and then told her I came on to him.
  5. The day I blacked out
    Once in my adult life, I blacked out. I still swear I didn't drink so much that this should have happened. I blame it on the type of alcohol I had. Regardless, that day I also found out my bf had cheated on me and that my sister had an eating disorder. So maybe I did drink myself into a black out.
  6. The day I got stranded in the middle of nowhere
    My boyfriend left me in the middle of the desert (I picked some winners!) I didn't have a cell phone, I was eighteen and scared out of my mind and had to call my dad from a pay phone to come pick me up.
  7. The day my puppies got lost
    I was in NYC, my niece went to my house and left the front door unlocked and they got out. I'm deeply grateful to whoever brought them home, I still don't know who those kind strangers were that kept this from being a tragic day.