You'll Know It's My Evil Twin If:

Inspired by @Boogie and everyone else who wrote this awesome list. Shoutout to @theshome for the idea to use awesome GIFS
  1. I say "happy Monday!"
  2. I suddenly start listing about my love for mornings
  3. I suddenly start talking about how great reality tv is
  4. I try to draw attention to myself in public
  5. I suddenly stop drinking
  6. I start listening to country music
  7. You never see another picture of my puppies again
  8. I yell at my children and or my students
  9. I never mention my gender or my heritage
  10. I quit my job in favor of seeking a job that makes more money, and that's the only motivation
  11. I start hanging out with people who are bad for me
  12. I start acting responsible and mature
  13. I suddenly get very competitive