1. You impatiently wait for people to write the lists you request from them
    And then you realize that LI.ST changed their format and all drafts and completed lists are clumped into one mess along with the list requests so you tell yourself that's the reason.
  2. You feel special when someone sends you a list request
    Even if they requested it from someone else too and then you're still special because you're part of the group
  3. You see through people's fake ways
    And you're not about to let those people get away with doing what they're doing. No need to go into specifics, they know what they did!
  4. You love to cook
    And to eat. You basically just love everything about food.
  5. It takes a lot to push you away
    But once you're done you are DONE
  6. You laugh often and you laugh loud
    The result isn't lady like and it isn't demure. But it's who you are and you don't even hide it.
  7. You're not afraid to fight for what you believe in
    And you have no patience for people who won't fight for people they care about
  8. You are a little goofy
    Around the people you trust. The more they get to know you the more goofy you become.
  9. You don't give your trust easily
    You've had to learn the hard way how badly that can turn out. So you've learned to protect yourself. And you especially don't trust people who bash women
  10. You don't worry so much about what people think of you
    It took years of self work to get to that level but now you simply have the people who don't like you move along. You no longer try to please people, you are just you.
  11. Therapy saved your life
    And you are a huge advocate of it. You wish everyone who you know that needs it would go and take the steps to happiness.
  12. You're very clumsy
    I've written lists about this so I'm just going to leave this right here
  13. You cuss A LOT
    And you're known for your foul mouth. You would apologize for this but you're not really sorry so..,
  14. You're passionate
    And you're not afraid to show how you feel, even in public. But only if it's genuine. You once broke up with a guy that seemed to be publicly flaunting the romance.
  15. You drink a little bit
    Maybe more than a little but whoever doesn't like this about you can go join the haters.
  16. You'll do whatever it takes
    To protect the people you love. And you fill your life with people who would do the same for you.
  17. You don't really know when to end lists
    So you try to make a cool exit and hope everyone makes it to the end without being bored to tears.