Because I am currently and forever in love with @mindy Will be updated occasionally.
  1. The whole episode is just Mindy telling a story but then having to explain what she's saying but the person she's talking to doesn't know her that well so then she has to explain her explanations and the whole episode is told in minor flashbacks in classic Mindy Montage fashion.
  2. A day in the life of Morgan. We get to see @IkeBarinholtz just doing his thing. He's also the narrator.
  3. The support staff goes on strike after watching a documentary about the labor movement in America.
  4. A very exhausted Mindy and Danny accidentally bring home the wrong baby and it takes everyone way too long to realize.
  5. A very musical Mindy episode.
  6. Morgan finally gets over his Leo jealousy but then decides that Leo is too awesome to be Danny's baby and runs a DNA test but accidentally submits the wrong DNA samples.
  7. The practice gets audited.
  8. The midwives get sued.
  9. Peter comes back because there is so much needed Peter/Mindy moments.