My name doesn't seem like it would be incredibly difficult, it's pretty much phonetic. Maybe cause it's an Arabic letter people screw it up??? But I've been called many things over my life, here's a list so you know better.
  1. A-lif
    This is the proper pronunciation with the short "a" and "i" sound
  2. Al-ee-f
    Second accepted pronunciation, usually reserved for white people
  3. A-leaf 🍂
    My pre-puberty go-to pun/pickup line
  4. A-tree
    People think they're funny because a-leaf 🍃 can be extrapolated to be a-tree 🌳
  5. A lamb
    Like a goddman sheep. Friend's older brother thought he was hilarious for this one.
  6. Elfie
    No idea how my grade 6 substitute math teacher came up with this one. But I heard about it for a while. 🙄