1. Wake up at 5AM.
  2. Visualise your goals. Think about how you'll feel and what you'll be doing when you have everything you want in your possession. This will be so much fun because you don't even have to fully wake up.
  3. Drink hot water with lemon + ginger + honey.
  4. 6AM. Workout for 30 mins. HIIT preferably. Shower.
  5. 6:30AM. Meditate for at least 20 minutes. You don't have to block all thought. Sit still. Close your eyes and relax. If you get attacked by thoughts from all corners, think about what you want. It'll make you feel good. After a couple of minutes, your breathing will become steady and you'll really begin to feel clarity.
  6. 7AM. Get a pen and paper. Think about your goals and the steps you can take. But don't think too hard. If a thought makes you feel good, write it down. It might seem random and unrelated. Write it down anyway. Decide what thoughts you'll act on today.
  7. 7:30AM - Eat a light, healthy breakfast. Make sure it's got some protein in it.