1. People who don't use turn signals
    That's just dangerous and stupid.
  2. People who are not self-aware in public and take up and/or invade personal space or expect me to move out of their way
    Like a whole group of people taking up the width of a sidewalk. RUDE
  3. Dumb sweaty shirtless bros who use me as a towel at shows
  4. People who think it is funny to embarrass or weird out strangers... Schadenfreude comedy?
    Minus 500 points from the squibs if this is the subject of your Vines, you squib
  5. People who intentionally take seats that aren't theirs
    One time I spent an entire OU/Texas game clapping my hands as widely as I could and screaming my head off because the guy next to me obviously squeezed himself into a seat that wasn't his
  6. People who speed ahead a lane full of cars crawling along due to some back up and try to cut in farther up in the line
    No I will not let you in
  7. People who try to drive around stopped buses/shuttles that are clearly letting off passengers
    I almost watched someone get run over because some idiot thought this was a good idea
  8. Grown ass women who act like they're still in middle school
    Bullying people is your only skill, we get the point
  9. People who are sweet to someone's face then turn around and complain about them
    I know this can be a coping mechanism but it's so lame. Stop pretending to be someone's friend and just be real with them. Or just let yourself be embarrassed at an awkward incident with a stranger; they didn't make it awkward on purpose and you will totally get over it in 30 seconds.