Original strips. PS. Why don't I draw anymore?!
  1. Ninja Bat Pig
    I was in second grade leave me alone
  2. Spike & Acey
    Blatant Sonic the Hedgehog rip off
  3. The Banana Man
    He brought kids boxes of bananas. I have no idea.
  4. The Fretzles
    I only remember Fiona and Filly. They had two brothers Fillip and.... Fredrick, I think
  5. Summer Daze
    I am pretty sure this was an Archie rip off
  6. Mitch & Amy
    as was this one
  7. Stinky the Monkey
    Collab with my cousin in the Philippines who I am pretty sure wanted a pet monkey
  8. A whodunnit comic for an Enrichment project
    Spoiler alert: the dog ate the cake
  9. Loosefit Girl (LFG)
    A reaction to all of the tight fitting superhero costumes (especially on lady crimefighters) that disgusted me. She wore a t-shirt and baggy pants and fingerless gloves.
  10. Velvet Roses
    A dramatic spin on an Archie-inspired love triangle. What the F were you thinking you middle school punk
  11. Danny & Danni
    Originally drawn in elementary school & reinterpreted in high school
  12. Minerva
    Awesome all lady rock band.
  13. Eleanor, Sadie, and Lucy
    You can guess which band obsession inspired this. Originally drawn in middle school and reinterpreted in college.
  14. Mika Villanova
    She had a sister whose name also began with an M but I forget what it was...
  15. MoonPie
    She was my alter ego and the first time I was like, "hey all my characters are white people, maybe I should draw someone of Filipino heritage like me"
  16. Joey and Claire and a fairy whose name I can't remember for the life of me
    Claire was another alter ego and Joey was essentially my dream guy in comic form; my first boyfriend looked uncannily just like him.
  17. Mid-AP Euro countries in human form
    Like Ami Erica (America) and am pretty sure England had a sweet 90's rock chick pixie cut
  18. Illustrations/political comics for the tri-high school newspaper
    The Ruff Draft - all of our mascots were dogs.
  19. Chem Cat
    He was all over my Chem & AP Chem notes
  20. Steff Vandagriff
    Super alt music chick who always had long skirts and headphones on... Name stolen from two people I knew
  21. Xavier, Lucy, & Denver
    Spin off of Lucy who turned skater and hung out with Xavier (sweet punk kid with bleached blonde hair) and Denver (pop punk kid with dyed black hair and a major devil lock because I was in love with Good Charlotte)
  22. Daemon
    A really nice demon and his very Johnny the Homicidal Maniac looking friend who stabbed cute things. (I hated the word "cute" in high school)
  23. Hanson
    All the cool kids did this on the internet back in the day. I actually even drew and mailed them epic, laminated and bound comic books for their birthdays. One time I gave Zac one when I met him a few days before his birthday (2000). Yup.
  24. Handemonium
    A satire strip that was commentary on Hanson fans and a spectrum of fan tropes. Filly reappeared as the teenybopper.
  25. Mr. Fox
    I drew caricatures of my orchestra teacher all over my music to the amusement of my fellow violas
  26. Matty
    My stupid ex-boyfriend as a gray cat (he owned a gray cat that he loved)