This kind of just turned into general memory barf??
  1. Zorcoillinoistreetoptexasrainbowrockstreetlunchboxcenter
    I did not come up with this one, I had to beg the cool kids to let me play.
  2. Tork & Turq
    My 4th grade bestie and I pretended we were blue dogs in space, a spin off of Zorco. I hear he has crazy dreads and is in a jam band now.
  3. Chipmunk Club
    We are a lot of cornmeal mush at our summer and winter homes. Ingredients: dirt + pebbles we stole from the playground; stir with stick. One time this girl named Jessica invited herself to play with us and we didn't really like it. She named herself Walnut.
  4. Chipmunk News
    My entire 4th grade class contributed to this newspaper, of which I was Editor in Chief.
  5. This isn't really an inside joke, but I had a boyfriend in kindergarten named Blake who had a second girlfriend named Cathy
    Wonder what happened to them.
  6. There was a plot to blow up the world
    I have no idea. These kids named Hugh and Jeff and I met in first grade and pretty much until fifth grade Hugh (the aspiring inventor/engineer) would tell us about his plans to blow up the world. Don't worry, this was naive little kid fun and the plans were abandoned for actual goals.
  7. Maze strips
    This kid named Bryan taught me how to make cool mazes with strips of paper.
  8. The Ludicrous Peregrination Beyond Andromeda
    The title of this great novel I wrote about one page of. Totally weirded out my 5th grade Sunday School teacher with that one.
  9. That one time when the cool thing to do was to eat hot chocolate powder out of the packet with a spoon, at lunch.