Epiphany: after writing up this list I've come to the realization that I soothe myself auditorily. The common theme tying nearly all of these together is there's something unique about the sound of each that I'm drawn to.
  1. Any episode of Gilmore girls.
    Um, duh. It's like having old friends in the room.
  2. Bakery Story
    It's the music. I actually first got into this game while working on an MPH, so I especially associate it with school.
  3. Candy Blast Mania
    Also the music.
  4. Podcasts
    Dear Hank and John, RadioLab, This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Snap Judgment, The Moth.
  5. A Very She & Him Christmas
    I don't even care for this band. But at the end of my first semester, I slid into a significant depression and for some reason, this album was very helpful in my coping.
  6. Music without vocals.
    Metal, hip hop, prog rock, electronica, video game soundtracks
  7. Smosh
    Utter stupidity is the best counterbalance for intense mountains of pathophys and pharm.
  8. Food Network
    Iron Chef America, Chopped, Cupcakes Wars, all great for putting on in the background.
  9. Coffee shop studyage.
    I can't study when it's quiet - silence drives me crazy. Also it's nice to be surrounded by humans!
  10. Picking a show over studying.
    Always turns out to be the best choice.