My top 3 Halloween Costumes

I refuse to buy costumes from the overpriced Spirit Halloween Stores
  1. 4.
    Elsa and Anna
    I have blonde hair, my younger sister @kelsey_paul has red hair. We have Norwegian Ancestry. I can ice skate, she can't. I once kicked her in the shins when I was mad and we reconciled. So naturally we had to give the people what they wanted and went as Elsa and Anna 2 years ago. My parents can't seem to "Let it Go" and still buy us Frozen memorabilia (whenever it's on sale of course)
  2. 3.
    Lizzie McGuire
    Crafted this masterpiece in one hour. Cut actual bangs into my hair for this. Walked into Chipotle to get my $3 burrito and for the first time ever, I saw a Chipotle worker smile and then the whole assembly line started singing "This is What Dreams are Made of" with me. Proceeded to go to the liquor store in this attire, didn't get carded. Went to a party, the whole party stopped circled around me and played the ballad of my childhood again while I lip sang like Palo. Truly a magical night.
  3. 2.
    Regis Philbin
    It was 2000, anyone who was anyone watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Instead of a millionaire though, I wanted to be Regis Philbin. God only knows how, but I found a Regis mask which more so looked like George W. Bush but distinguished myself from the then presidential candidate at the time by shoving copious amount of cash in my Goodwill purchased suit. Wore this ballin costume to Kindergarten class and had my teacher in tears.
  4. 1.
    Guy Fieri
    Can you say "Welcome to FLAVORTOWN?" Had to pay homage to the Guy the myth the legend by going as him. I even created my own mini episode of Triple D on snapchat which ranged from me sipping natty light and saying it was full of flavor and ended with me eating a McDonald's burger pretending that it was some excellent dive bar creation. Ended up in many strangers snap chats because I was in full character the whole night and preached around the parties, sidewalks, and bars.