Possible reasons why I have a 4.9 out of 5 star Uber passenger rating

Recently found out that I do not have a perfect uber passenger rating. A little upset about this.
  1. Talked too much to the driver
  2. Didn't talk at all (probably sober on that ride)
  3. Told a joke that bombed
  4. Declined a date from one
  5. Made a mixed drink in the back of the car
  6. Gave the driver my own directions with shortcuts and told him not to use the map so I didn't have to pay as much
  7. Spoke Spanish to multiple drivers from what I learned of taking 4 years of it and watching Dora and probably offended them in the process
  8. Asked what type of moisturizer one driver used because she was a grandma and looked like jlo and was too young to be a grandma in my drunk eyes
  9. Asked multiple how they liked ubering then pretend to be interested and asked if my '06 Corolla with no power windows or locks and 150k+ miles with the check engine light on would make a good uber
  10. Sat in the trunk of what was supposed to be an uber xl but it only had 4 seats and there were 6 of us and proceeded to ask the driver what type of dog I resembled but forced him to say golden retriever and pop the trunk to let me out like a dog
  11. Made one drive an hour to the airport and go over the speed limit so I could catch a flight that was already boarding and left my phone and wallet in the car bc I was still drunk from the night before but luckily tweeted about the text I got from the driver thus allowing me to call him from my friend's phone so I could get it back
  12. Now that I look back at it, I deserve way less than 4.9 stars