Thoughts I had when attending Beyoncé's Formation World Tour

Went to see Beyoncé on a whim just as a regular person who did not consider herself a member of the Beehive.
  1. Why was my ticket so cheap?
    I was at work, around 1pm day of the concert my manager asked if I was going to Beyoncé, I didn't even realize she was performing that night. Out of curiosity I looked at ticket prices on StubHub... $20 to see one of the greatest female artists of my generation? SOLD
  2. I am not dressed for this
    I show up in jorts and a tshirt that said Pizza is Life with freshly knotted golden locks. Everyone else showed up in black, body tight, sleek, Beyonce-esque attire, braids, but fell short to replicating the beauty of Queen B.
  3. Where did my 19 year old sister get that beer from?
    Ran into my younger sister holding an ice cold Bud Light in hand. I was baffled by this considering I went sober. I would have had my ass kicked by my parents for that. Smh @ the baby of the family getting away with everything...
  4. She is even more ~flawless~ in person
    The lights dimmed, the rectangular prism of light on stage lit up and started to spin, Formation began to play...and then underneath her black brimmed hat, she appeared. I was taken back like don't think I've been in the same room with someone that good looking ever. Honored to be breathing the same air. Slay queen, slay.
  5. I want Beyoncé's body
    I like how she owns her figure. Like I probably wouldn't have felt the same seeing Taylor Swift twerk on stage. Sadly I was given the figure of a pre-pubescent girl so no big booty/hips for me.
  6. Where do I learn to dance like that?
    Her moves just made you want to be her. Like yes I am a white, blonde girl that occasionally Irish step dances at the bar but I got nothing in comparison to her moves.
  7. I might not be straight
    Beyoncé began to sing the sultry Crazy in Love that they use in 50 Shades of Gray promos in a red leather leotard with a Clifford the Dog fur coat. Then she sang the original Crazy in Love. After, for a solid 2 minutes, she turned her backside to the crowd and shook what her mother gave her to Bootylicious. Really questioned my sexuality at that moment.
  8. Omg I'm crying
    When she was changing outfits, they began to play old home videos of young Bey as well as Blue Ivy. I instantly started tearing up. Home movies are just touching and get me every time.
  9. Wow I am so glad I went
    Best $20 I've ever spent. Life altering. Inspiring. Entertaining. Learned that the most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. PREACH
  10. How do I get a membership into the Beehive?
    Seriously though I want to be apart of it. I now understand why/how people are so obsessed with her.