1. Keep Aaron Rogers' brother, Jordan, on the show till the family visit so I could meet Aaron Rogers
  2. Cry after my brothers disapprove of Jordan and start a fight at the dinner table with him where tables are flipped and a punches are thrown at the has been football player by my over protective brothers
  3. Disregard all the warnings that James Taylor and Jordan's ex exposed and end up picking Jordan because just look at that sexy athletic body. I know it's an unpopular opinion but I'd rather have an athlete than an erectile dysfunction specialist at the end of the day.
  4. Have a live wedding televised on abc. It would take place at the mansion. It may be tacky but abc would offer to pay for it because the ratings would be through the roof.
  5. Have a drunk meme made after my mother at the wedding dancing on a table because let's not forget how wonderfully hammered she was on date home with Ben from the last season
  6. Regret my decision of choosing Jordan bc he is not as athletic as his brother and doesn't play football anymore and choose a joke major in college so he has no means of income while we rely on me to endorse skincare products that make my face breakout.
  7. Get in constant fights with Jordan because he is all about himself and is spending all of my money and make him sleep on the couch a lot
  8. One day at the checkout counter of Walgreens see tabloids saying how Jordan was caught with a mystery blonde which happened to be around the same time he went on a "business trip" even though I know he doesn't have a job
  9. Stay trapped in the marriage for 4 years to Jordan because I cry a lot and feel bad for him because his football career failed and I know he needs me to support him
  10. Have two girls with Jordan and have him pissed because we can't produce a boy to carry on the Rodger's football gene.
  11. Night after night come home to Jordan forgetting to pick up the kids from swimming lessons because he only wants our children to play football even though they're 2 and 4 year old girls.
  12. Finally get a backbone and divorce Jordan 5 years later and get another season of the Bachelorette because I'm so lovable.
  13. Fall into the same cycle and end up picking Aaron Rodgers because he applies to be on the show because he had a crush on her ever since he met me on the family visit.