I've been watching HGTV's longest running show since the days of Suzanne Wong and have come to despise everyone on it.
  1. Giphy
  2. They're too picky
    "OMG NO DOUBLE SINKS?? Linda I demand you to show us another house...sharing sinks is for serfs" -everyone on HH ever.
  3. They're impractical
    On this one episode a couple purchased a set of RUINS on top of a hill in Italy that was only accessible by DONKEY. I'm sure their rebuilding process was a breeze.
  4. They're idiots
    Once, this couple on Tiny House Hunters decided that it would be best to move their family of 8 from a practical house to a <1,000 square foot house that needed renovations. WHAT SCHOLARS THEY ARE. But wait that's not all...they adopted a Great Dane puppy when the cameras visited them 6 months later. MUST HAVE PHDS.
  5. They're privileged
    On an episode of HH International, this American couple moved to Norway looked at 3 homes and at the end decided to build their own home because none of the options had a garbage disposal. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? JUST EAT ALL THE FOOD ON YOUR PLATE THERE'S STARVING CHILDREN IN AFRICA. These are the type of people who make Americans look bad.
  6. They're freeloaders
    A vast majority of episodes start of with the classic situation: "Chad has been shacking up with his wife and 10 dogs in his childhood bedroom for 6 months now." How have his parents not kicked them out yet?
  7. They're too poor
    "Honey we are stretching the budget if we go with the 2bedroom condo, let's go with the studio apartment" Listen, all you House hunters (I use the term house loosely bc an apartment is obvi not a house) I'm here to live vicariously through you, not to look at apartments that are shittier than my college one. GIVE ME MANSIONS OR GTFO MY TV.
  8. They're lacking creativity
    I've seen countless couples walk away from homes because they couldn't see past the neon green walls. Well people on House Hunters, I can see past your shitty acting and know that you are going to end up choosing that house and painting over it with yet again another God awful color.
  9. They're liars
    To avoid calling herself a stay at home mom, this lady once called herself a "domestic engineer." Let me guess, it took you 9 months to get your degree. I AM DONE WITH THESE PEOPLE.