"I don't know that many Beatles songs. Probably as many as the normal person. I have no emotional attachment to the Beatles" - me as I press play on the Spotify "Come Together" playlist and a flood of memories from my childhood come rushing back to me. Turns out I was wrong and this is just a small sampling of Beatles songs I deeply love.
  1. Ticket to Ride
    The neighbor girl across the road was the one who first introduced me to the Beatles. She was obsessed. We would make movies dancing to the Beatles and this was always my song. Not exactly sure why but I love it.
  2. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
    My brother and I made up a dance to this song which consisted of running around the room and pretending to hide our love under chairs, candles, and whatever else was in the room.
  3. Yesterday
    This song tends to pop up in my head when I'm sad. Not because it's a sad song, but because I fucking rock at singing this song and it reminds me what a rockstar I am. It's right in my vocal range and although it would be a bummer karaoke song it's perfect for singing while doing the dishes or taking a shower. 🎤
  4. The Fool On The Hill
    When I was like 8 I was in this summer day camp called Young People's Theater where we would write and perform a play based off a theme. This year the theme was "magical mystery tour" and I was cast as/wrote myself in as George Harrison. I was super blonde so to explain that we children decided I was the fool on this hill who was stranded there for so long the sun turned my hair blonde. Genius.
  5. Here Comes The Sun
    Okay, so I was in another Beatles themed play growing up. I was in 5th grade and the play was Snow White but with Beatles songs. Of course I was cast as Doopey (typecasting?), but I had a solo! I sang here comes the sun to Snow White as she woke up in our dwarf house.
  6. Oh did I mention the dwarves dressed as stg peppers lonely hearts club band?
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    And we lived in a yellow submarine? (I'm the one standing weirdly far away from everyone else on the left)