I've been watching real housewives of New York season three all day/weekend recovering from nye and I've learned a few things from the countess
  1. Arrive at the party in a tight dress and a v bold necklace
  2. Greet the host or hostess
  3. Compliment them on their accomplishments and whatever they're throwing the party for
  4. Casually bring up how great it is that you're there
  5. Especially because of that awful thing they did to you earlier this season
  6. You are the nicest friend to attend a party thrown by someone who was so rude and un-countess like
  7. But mention that tonight is not about you, it's about them and their charity/business/made up reason to have a party
  8. Remind them again that you are a better friend than they are
  9. Make a grand exit
  10. 👸🏼👋🏼