Members of One Direction as Hunger Games Tributes

It pains me to think that any of the boys would have to go through the torture that is the hunger games
  1. Niall aka Peeta
    Just like Peeta, Niall would charm everyone in the games. He would easily make alliances with the careers and the people of the Capitol would love him. He also plays soccer proving that those twig legs of his can really move. His downside of course would be that may need glasses (unclear if he's wearing fake glasses but idgaf they look amazing).
  2. Harry aka Finnick
    The world is obsessed with Harry Styles just like the Capitol is obsessed with Finnick. We know Harry would do well in the hunger games because the people of the Capitol would be giving him so many floating parachutes. Imagine if you could give Harry Styles a gift and then watch him open it. OMG my life savings would be gone! Also, if the government ever got a hold of Harry you know people would be renting him out just like Finnick. Honestly, Harry's only weakness is that he falls a lot.
  3. Zayn aka Katniss
    Zayn has never been my favorite of the boys, but ya know, neither has Katniss. They're both introverted and like to spend time in the woods or spray painting walls. Also they're both obsessed with taking care of their sister(s) and mom. Just like Katniss, Zayn will run away from things if they aren't right for him. We all know Katniss wouldn't have survived the hunger games without Peeta and we all know Zayn isn't going to last without the rest of the boys. Ultimately that's his downfall.
  4. Liam aka Haymitch
    Haymitch mentors Peeta and Katniss the way Liam is the dad of the group and keeps the boys all together. Liam and Haymitch had both been through the games (X-Factor and Hunger) before. Neither of them really wanted this Dad role, they kinda just fell into it. Also they both had drinking problems (Haymitch, I hope you're staying strong). In the games Liam would just over think everything which would be his downfall. I can see him hesitating to go towards the cornucopia and missing his chance.
  5. Louis aka Foxface
    Louis and Foxface look eerily similar. I don't think we ever heard Foxface's voice but I'd imagine it would be just as annoying as Louis (I STILL LOVE YOU LOUIS BABY). They both make rash decisions. Examples. Foxface ate those berries and died! Louis and Eleanor broke up and like a minute later he goes and gets another girl pregnant! Please. Louis would die in the Hunger Games immediately.