My Scars and What Made Them

The emotional ones are on another list
  1. Back of left calf
    Burned my leg on the muffler of a motorcycle on the last day of high school. We were at a beach party so I wasn't wearing the correct protective gear I would normally need to get on a motorcycle. Of course I had a crush on the boy with the bike so I had to play it cool and and act like it didn't happen while casually icing my leg.
  2. Right knee
    Falling off my bike when I was in 5th grade. This is the only scar I have that hasn't ever faded.. Probably has something to do with all the gravel that got into the wound. Knee scar game strong!
  3. Top of right wrist
    Years and years of attempted (and eventually achieved) wart removal has left me with this nasty scar. My friend Jenna thought I got it from a fireworks accident. I have no idea where she got that from but I like that story a lot better.
  4. Bottom of left wrist
    Singles Valentine's Day 2015. I'm assuming I fell on some ice. I don't remember falling but I do remember showing everyone my wrist and saying "THIS IS WHAT VALENTINES DAY DOES!" That was so dark of me.
  5. Left shoulder
    Badass tennis match in 8th grade. I dove for a ball and scraped my shoulder. But the ball hit the other girl in the chest and I got the point 🙌🏼