Tv Shows I Once Started but Have Yet to Continue

I recently declared (TV) bankruptcy because the golden age of television is EXHAUSTING. Here's a list of just a few shows I may just have to give up on. Read the full article at
  1. Mad Men
    I watch the pilot annually thinking I'll finally get in to it. And then I don't. Until next year.
  2. Suits
    Everyone says Suits is amazing but it really just seems to be people talking in glass-heavy rooms.
  3. Master of None
    This I'm actually down with. Just watching Jessica Jones first.
  4. 30 Rock
    My best friend and I decided to watch it together one day, so I'm saving myself for that special time in my life.
  5. Marco Polo
    This was like 25 Netflix shows ago; thinking of how many shows I've missed since just forces me to contend with my mortality.
  6. Two and a Half Men
    Has ANYONE seen every episode of this? If you have, I'm terribly sorry.