Books That Shaped Me, Chronologically

Inspired by @jessicaz
  1. The Secret Garden
    Mesmerized by this as a child. Probably need to revisit
  2. Deenie
    Remember the feeling of reading this and getting lost in the story. Only remember she wore a back brace?
  3. A Separate Peace
    From high school- loved this book.
  4. Othello
    Read in AP English my senior year and it was the first and maybe only time I remember just getting Shakespeare.
  5. Skinny Legs and All
    Very hard to pick a single Tom Robbins but his books blew my mind! I think I've read almost everything he's written.
  6. The Hottest State
    This is kind of a weird one but I read it for the first time in college and I was going through a breakup and it touched me. I've read it again since and it didn't hold up that well. But at the time...
  7. Ishmael
    This premise is so interesting and there is so much amazing stuff in here. Might need to give this one another go.
  8. The Alchemist
    I got profound meaning from this book which helped me identify and navigate my path towards going back to school and becoming an SLP which I absolutely consider my calling.
  9. The Fountainhead
    This book was very challenging and while I ended up loving it what I really learned was how to persevere through this book in time to read The Hunger Games before the movie came out. 😬
  10. The Kite Runner
    Just a beautiful book. I remember thinking it was not only an easy book to read but also so important. This book moved me.
  11. The House of Tomorrow
    Picked this up from a recommendation of one of my favorite bloggers (heartoflight) and I didn't want it to end. Can't put my finger on why it's so special to me- but it is.
  12. The Art of Fielding
    This book is so good. It's maybe 500 pages and I read it in a week- which is very good for me. This is the book I recommend when people ask me. Also solidified my interest in reading about academia/university life.
  13. Clan of the Cave Bear
    First of the Earth's Children's series. The heroine in the book, Ayla, might be my favorite character ever. These books are a chore- but the detail in her writing and the stories have stayed with me. I have only the last book left to read and I'll be sad to say goodbye.