1. Coffee order: small latte with 2 shots, 1 Splenda
  2. Wine: sparkling
  3. Airport experience: alone, dressed nicely and comfortably, hair curled, one wheeled carry on, coffee (latte with splenda), book, magazine (probably glamour/instyle), movie (comedy), noise canceling beats by dre. Stoned.
  4. Go-to dessert for company: sour cream chocolate cake. OR apple crisp with ice cream.
  5. Exercise preference: 45 minute spin class
  6. Pajamas: shorts and tee shirt.
  7. Weather: 72' and partly cloudy.
  8. Snack: honeycrisp apple
  9. Ice cream: coffee
  10. Chipotle order: burrito bowl, black and pinto beans, pico, tomatillo salsa, habanero salsa, cheese. Side of chips.
  11. Cheese: goat
  12. Kombucha: turmeric and ginger
  13. Street food: gyros
  14. Cocktail: bourbon smash or vodka gimlet
  15. Books: novels
  16. Time of day: morning.
  17. Flowers: peonies
  18. Time of year: fall
  19. Halloween: trick or treating in our neighborhood with the kids. Hard cider in a to-go mug. Home to taco soup in the crock pot, hand out Reese's peanut butter cups. Movie: Tim Burton or Harry Potter.
  20. Parks and Rec character: Ben Wyatt
  21. Christmas morning: coffee and baileys, presents, recycling bin, garbage, homemade baked good (monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, etc)
  22. Item to dip in chocolate fountain: Rice Krispie treat
  23. Lunch: salad
  24. Beer: fancy
  25. Bedtime: early
  26. Essential oil: lavender