I am trying very hard to limit the amount of stuff (junk) that I bring into our household because managing all of it gives me anxiety. This trip (7/1-7-16) has not been kind in this regard.
  1. Starting with very sweet goodie bags my mom gave each child (2 of everything) including: coloring books, chalkboards, chalk, road sign bingo games, sticker books, souvenir key chains, change purses, belly dancing outfit (there was a recent trip to Egypt), tee shirt,
  2. Gifts from grandparents: Barbie 🙄, 5 matchbox cars, puzzles, tea kettle (this one is mine and I'm regretting it), new doll
  3. Gifts from the bride and groom: enormous wooden bottle opener contraption that you mount on the wall, engraved wine glass, new makeup bag, necklace, headband, engraved baseball, engraved mini-baseball bat, basket for the flower pedals,
  4. Things purchased in Chicago: American girl "get well" accessory kit with crutches, casts, bandages, ETC!, new Cubs hat, W flag,
  5. Things I! bought: sweet new sunglasses for upcoming trip, little headbands with ears to give friends on aforementioned trip.
    "We" decided it would be fun for all of us to bring a little something for everyone. #stress I considered facemasks but they can be like $5/piece and that would be $25 just for like 10 minutes? So then I thought maybe make a body scrub but I don't want to do the work of running to the stores to buy expensive essential oil and jars and stickers, making it, packing it up-it was TOO MUCH. Ended up finding these little flower ear? headbands at forever 21 for $4.90/ each.
  6. I just want to get rid of everything.
  7. Traveling is stressful.
  8. Fidget spinners ☹️