My big resolution this year was to do things that weren't 100% comfortable for me. It was mostly intended as a concept for saying yes to more /different work in my field but it applies to just LIFE.
  1. Said yes to working with 2 new patients that are children. I do not usually work with kids and just the evaluations are going to be daunting...
  2. Woke up super early to go to my last hot yoga class Wednesday morning. (Summer package ran out and it's too expensive. Plus no child care).
  3. Committed to starting 2 days a week in a new facility about 45 mins away.
  4. Tried the obstacle course/inflatable toy at my pool 😆 I fell in and didn't make it but it was so fun and I'm glad I did it! Next time I'm there I will make it to the end. Make no mistake.
  5. Ate lunch in the kitchen (with coworkers!) at work instead of back in my office alone.
    I'm still rather new and definitely don't know everyone yet so this was a big deal for me!
  6. Brand-new yoga class 5:00 Monday morning.
  7. Showered at the gym
  8. Took my baby to kindergarten...
  9. Did a ropes course- mostly just climbing up this tall ladder and jumping off but it was hella scary and I loved it!