1. When someone doesn't hold the door open for you. 😡
  2. When 2 lanes merge into one and people wait until the last second to change lanes! 😡😡😡
  3. A mealy apple.
  4. Too cold bath water.
  5. No soap to wash hands.
  6. When I'm trying to read, work, listen to music, watch tv/movie and someone keeps talking to me.
  7. Getting in the car and realizing the keys are still in the house.
  8. Letting produce go bad.
  9. Slow service at a restaurant.
  10. When someone who is pregnant complains that they're going to get fat.
  11. When I get home and the babysitter is watching tv and the kids are asleep and the house is a mess. 😡😡
  12. Going to the store for something specific and they either don't have it or you forget it and buy a bunch of other stuff.
  13. Having to unload the dishwasher when I'm making dinner.
  14. Running out of ice.
  15. Technical difficulties.
  16. Cooking something from a recipe and I don't have an ingredient I need.
  17. Direct sunlight