1. I make my bed every morning.
    It takes 2 minutes and somehow a made bed feels more restful than the chaos of an unmade bed.
  2. I get my temp right.
    Right around 69' or so is perfect.
  3. I sleep ONLY in shorts and/or underwear + a short sleeve top.
    Pants get bunched; socks and long-sleeves are too hot. Tank tops make my arms too cold. It took a while for me to figure this out and it was revolutionary. I also recently read that you shouldn't wear anything to bed that you wear to the gym. I like this.
  4. I like to run the dishwasher right before I go to bed.
    I associate the sound with being productive and that makes me feel content. And it's good for white-noise.
  5. I shut down the house and do my bedtime stuff (washing makeup off, brushing teeth, using the bathroom) and then get into bed.
  6. I'll do something usually before I go to sleep.
    Look over my weekly and daily goals, mess around on my phone, or read. It lets me get to something maybe I've been neglecting or wanting to look at. But reading is my preferred activity.
  7. When I've turned off the lights, I go through some meditation practices.
    body scan, or letting my mind wander but not linger, or I visualize clear skies above stormy clouds.
  8. And I don't think about the day.
    I used to replay things in my head that were pleasant and I wanted to think about a little more, but this inevitably leads to other things like my to do list or plans for the next day. And then my mind races-and I rouse.