1. NOT getting coffee.
    Spent $3 on creamer to avoid afternoon latte purchases.
  2. Eating all meals at home.
    Leftovers, soups from the freezer, etc.
  3. Getting shit done around the house
    More free time at home means extra time to do things like: paint the walls, deep clean the fridge, clean the oven, do all the laundry, mend the clothes in the "to mend" pile.
  4. Putting car seat on Craigslist
    Still need to get this done.
  5. Working out
    I spend $71 every month for my gym membership and I'm going to get use out of it. Spin classes, treadmills, weights, yoga, barre, kidcare. Plus I feel better if I'm working on my health and wellness goals.
  6. Making sure I obey all traffic laws.
    Do not need a ticket right now.
  7. Looking into another part-time gig.
  8. Not drinking the wine I bought for Thanksgiving.
  9. Keeping the thermostat off as much as possible.
  10. Checking out more movies, books, and magazines from the library.