The most stressful and loaded senior superlative there is. Thoughts on why I was voted and if it was right.
  1. My high school had a male and female winner in each category.
    The guy was shy and quiet with the handwriting of a serial killer. Last thing I heard he just plays video games at his parents house.
  2. I was student body president, class president 3 of 4 years, had to step down to Vice President senior year due to my overall presidency.
    I pretty much started a political empire, and then completely stopped extra curriculars in college. That was definitely a failure.
  3. I was tied for first in the class.
    People thought they could cheat off me, I never let them. This caused a guy to cry once. Ruthless. But I definitely got a D my first semester of college, I got distracted by a lot of boyfriend time and no parental guidance.
  4. I never partied in high school.
    Everyone thought I was boring. That definitely changed with college, which now shocks people I graduated high school with.
  5. I guess they were right though?
    I'm not married. I don't have children, like many of my classmates. (Not that those are failures though). But instead I graduated college in 3.5 years, I studied abroad (basically the only person from my hs to do this), and I am attending law school in the fall.
  6. Except I feel like this title hovers over me, because I could still fail.
    What exactly does it mean to succeed?
  7. Moral of the story, titles do not matter, but they can leave a lasting feeling of inadequacy in the winners mind for years after.